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Shutters provide privacy, style and light control giving you a versatile, fashionable and attractive solution.

Below you can browse the different options of designs and finishes available; if there is something specific you are looking for and unable to find the information you need please call us.

Full height

Full height shutters are designed to dress your window fully from top to bottom. Available in all ranges to suit all budgets. Offering maximum control of your privacy and light.


A neat and sleek style of shutter for those who want to be able to open and close the shutters in a tidy way. A popular option for wide flat areas of windows, or doors, such as patio areas.


Also known as half-height. Cafe style shutters allow you to choose how much of the window you want the shutters to cover may it be just half of the window or three quarters up from the bottom.

Tier on Tier

A very popular option for sash windows, tier on tier shutters are split horizontally into two sections, the panels at the top can open independently to the bottom.

Solid Panel

A popular shutter style that goes back centuries. As the name suggests, this style of shutter is entirely solid wood panels. This classic style offers complete privacy and blocks out light when closed.


Add a stylish yet discreet. Designed to look like classic plantation shutters, this is a durable shutter model that uses a robust lock and key mechanism to secure your home.

Shutter Doors

This is a great way to dress patio doors. Bifold shutter doors are installed on a track system enabling a smoother operation of large shutter panels covering doors or floor to ceiling windows.

Shaped Shutter

The beauty of bespoke wooden shutters is that they can be made to any shape or size. Whether it be circular or triangular, we can find you a shutter solution to dress that shaped window.

Bespoke Plantation Shutters in London

We offer a range of material choices for your plantation shutters to suit your home aesthetic and budget. Our shutters are manufactured using a variety of premium quality woods, while we can also supply you with a waterproof PVC shutter for areas of your home with high moisture present.

Book a Home Shutter Consultation

Allow us to create the perfect window shutters for your home. We provide a home design consultation service in West London, where we will measure your windows and assess the best design to create no-obligation quotation for your perfect bespoke shutters.